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My Projects

Narcolepsie Vlaanderen

I'm co-founder of Narcolepsie Vlaanderen, a patient organization for people who suffer from Narcolepsy. Currently I'm maintaining our Facebook page and website running on WordPress.

Skills: WordPress


In a group of 3 people, we invented BULK, an online platform where local farmers can sell their own products in the neighbourhood for a fair price. I was assigned to make the interfaces and developed part of the platform in PHP.

Skills: Adobe UX, HTML & CSS, PHP & MySQL

Wild Picking App

Carpe Diem is an app for nature lovers who like to cook with wild picking. There app not only offers various recipes but also tips where and how to find the ingredients.

Skills: Illustrator, Invision, Sketch

Buffl Redesign

Buffl is an online communication tool that brings companies closer to their clients by surveys. For an assignment around UX, in pairs of two we rebranded Buffl and improved the experience for the user.

Skills: Adobe UX, Illustrator

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