Lorien Theunissen



The Simpsons have a crazy cat lady, my family has a crazy bunny lady: me! I like to call my bunnies after my favourite artists: (John) Lennon, (David) Bowie and Ringo (Starr).


I like to go out with my friends to attend concerts and have a good beer. My ultimate favourite artist is Kate Nash. She inspired me to learn to play guitar, bass and ukulele.


If my workplace is tidy, my head is too and productivity increases. I'm very structured and like to keep things "Monica" clean. A reference to one of my favourite TV shows: Friends!


I'm a fanatic vinyl collector since 2011. It started with a limited vinyl from Amatorski, my favourite Belgian band at that time. Nine years later I'm still buying records every month: both new and second hand.


Curious about my technical skills as a graduating Interactive Multimedia Design student? Wondering why I like to call myself a front-end developer? Take a look at my skills page!